Sermon Series / 2021 Quarter 4 (Oct-Dec)

“Exploring Our Strange Bible”

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Series Dates: 2021 Quarter 4 (Oct-Dec)

Have you ever stopped and wondered “What exactly is the Bible? A daily devotional? A rulebook? A theological dictionary? And how do I make sense out of all of this?” Familiar passages like Psalm 23 and the Sermon on the Mount rightly capture our imaginations and warm our hearts, but there’s a lot in the Bible that’s uncomfortable, odd, and sometimes bewildering. Where did the Bible come from? How is it God’s inspired word and written by human authors? Join Dr. Kevin Burr in Fellowship A on Sunday mornings from October through December as we explore this wonderful, fascinating, and strange book we call the Bible.


The Binding of Isaac

Dec 19, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr Genesis 22:1-2

That’s Not In My Bible

Dec 5, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr Mark 16:9-20

We Should Take the Bible Seriously, But Not Always Literally

Nov 28, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr Matthew 5:29-30

Like It or Not, Scripture Is Authoritative

Nov 14, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr Acts 10:9-16

God’s Word Through Human Authors

Nov 7, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr 2 Timothy 3:16

The New Testament Didn’t Fall Out of the Sky

Oct 31, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr

The Old Testament Didn’t Fall From the Sky

Oct 24, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr

Something You Might Not Have Known About the New Testament

Oct 17, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr John 7; Ephesians 2

Something You Might Not Have Known about the Old Testament

Oct 11, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr Genesis 1; Isaiah 66

The Bible is a Unified Story Leading to Jesus

Oct 3, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr Luke 24:13-27

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