Kings Kids

Kings Kids is our children’s ministry. Directed by Krystal Dawson, this is for children from ages 4 months up through 5th grade.

Regular Meeting Times

Our regular Kings Kids gathering opportunities are:

  • Sunday Morning Bible Class from 10:30m to 11:30am
    This is a time of study and growth where children are taught God’s word in fun and relevant ways.
  • Sunday Morning Children’s Worship from after communion until the end of service, around 10:00am to 10:30am
    Children begin in the auditorium for worship with their families. After we have taken Communion, we will provide an opportunity for children ages 3-5th grade who would like to go to the Chapel room for songs and an age-appropriate lesson. You will pick your children up after worship lets out from the Chapel.
  • Wednesday Night Bible Class from 7:00pm to 8:00pm
    Children meet in their appropriate classrooms with others their age to have a Bible lesson and some fun interactions.


All of our adult volunteers are required to go through police background checks and training.

We require all children to go through a check-in process. Your children’s safety is of great importance to us. Each child checked in will have a sticker, and parents are giving a matching sticker, each with identification information.

When you arrive, you will go directly to the Kings Kids welcome desk. If your child is a returning visitor, your information will already be on file, so all we have to do is print your stickers for the week after checking you in. If it’s your first time, we’ll want to gather a little extra information from you. It is a quick process as is, but if you have time, we recommend going ahead and completing our first-time visitors form online so that our staff can have your child’s information already plugged into the security database.


The armor of god

As your child moves through the Kings Kids program, each year we place an emphasis on a different piece of the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-17). We encourage your children to go deeper, including activities of study, service, and family conversations related to the character traits we are trying to instill in all Kings Kids.

Incentives for Involvement

We want our children to love being involved in Kings Kids. As they make extra efforts, we want them to feel proud of their progress, and so we do what we can to celebrate them. The primary means that we urge them to greater involvement are through Kingdom Currency and through Kings Kids Medals.

Kingdom Currency

Bible Bucks are rewards that can be earned, saved (at our Bible Buck Bank) and redeemed at our Kingdom store, which is open once a quarter. The store will include things such as candy, fun little toys, craft-items, all the way up to a personalized Bible! Bible Bucks are also available to teach giving. Elders will match any Bible Bucks put into the offering plate on Sunday mornings. Periodically, we will use the funds donated from our children’s hard-earned Bible Bucks to benefit the cause of their choosing. Bible Bucks are our way of encouraging the children to attend programs, invite friends, memorize Bible verses.

How kids can earn Kingdom Currency:

  • Memorize the Memory Verse
  • Complete a Worship Handout
  • Bring a Friend to Class
  • Complete a Take-Home Worksheet
  • Complete a Family Devotional Night
  • Demonstrate a Fruit of the Spirit

For information on where to receive a worship worksheet or take-home ideas, please stop by our check-in desk.

Kings Kids Medals

What are Kings Kids Medals? Romans 13:7 teaches we are to give honor to whom honor is due. Each year we will have a special emphasis on part of the full armor of God. Based on the children’s efforts to go above and beyond, we will honor their efforts to grow in two categories especially: (1) knowledge of God and (2) service to God. The medals are part of how we’ll celebrate the good things our children are doing and encourage them to grow. We’ll set age-appropriate objectives so that our kids can have a clear and achievable path. At the end of the year, each child will have had the opportunity to be awarded medals they’ve earned both for knowledge and for service.

Servant Award Medal

Through participation in service projects, children learn they can have a positive impact on the people and world around them.

Examples of ways to serve: Clean up an area in your neighborhood, help at a church event, create care packages for shut-ins, military or homeless, etc.

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Your child can earn a servant award by:

All hours represent totals for a year. For example, 6 hours = 6 for the year.

3 years-Kinder

Gold: Projects equivalent to 6 hours

Silver: Projects equivalent to 4 hours

Bronze: Projects equivalent to 2 hours

1st-5th Grade

Gold: Projects equivalent to 12 hours

Silver: Projects equivalent to 10 hours

Bronze: Projects equivalent to 8 hours

Knowledge Award Medal

Each week is designed to deepen children’s knowledge of God’s character, His divine attributes, and His plan for us. Children have the opportunity to gain this knowledge in Bible classes, reciting memory verses, LTC and the 66 club. We will suggest verses of Scripture for memorization, though we are also glad for families to select other verses for their children to memorize which they believe to be especially meaningful.* Here are the ways to earn Knowledge award:

3 years-Kinder

Gold: Memorize 3 Scriptures*, Read Bible with parent for 10 minutes each week

Silver: Memorize 2 Scriptures*, Read Bible with parent for 5 minutes each week

Bronze: Memorize 1 Scripture*, Read Bible with parent for 2 minutes each week

1st-5th Grade

Gold: Memorize 4 Scriptures*, and Book of Bible

Silver: Memorize 3 Scriptures*, and

Bronze: Memorize 2 Scriptures*, and Read bible for 30 minutes each week

Scriptures can be read and signed off by child’s Bible teacher, Krystal Dawson, or Julie Karlen.

*This year’s Scripture sheet handout can be found at the Kings Kids desk