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Thank you for visiting the home page of the Kings Crossing Church of Christ. Our desire is to be sincere followers of Jesus, and in doing so, to be a presence of love, joy, and peace in our community. If you are trying to figure out what it means in your life to say "yes" to God, we would love to be your companions on that same journey.

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Building God's Family

We want for everyone connected to Kings Crossing to become more like Jesus through their participation in our church (Galatians 4:19). This section will tell you about the people and programs through which we help our members toward personal growth.

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Serving Our Community

We want Corpus Christi to be a better place because we're here. Check out some of the ways we engage our community. While there are many good things to celebrate, there are also many people in our city whom we can serve, just as God has loved and served us.

Local Ministries

Serving God's World

Jesus' challenge was that we should go into all the world, spreading the good news about God's love. While we believe that mission begins at home, there are many great connections we enjoy around the world where we help to strengthen God's Kingdom. Learn more about some of the foreign locations we support and serve.

Missions at Kings Crossing

Faith Resources

Part of how God helps us to grow is through the church; a community of fellow believers who strengthen and support us. Another important part of how we grow is through studying the Word of God. At Kings Crossing, we want for every member to actively engage what has been revealed in God's Word in a way that helps us reflect on our own journey, and strive to be more like Jesus.

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