Vision 2030

Kings Crossing is committed to growing. We want to grow in our dedication to God and in doing so, to grow in the ways we minister to our members and to the world around us. In 2022, a group of our members appointed by the Elders met and discussed the strengths, weaknesses and needs of our congregation. They formulated a vision and goals for both the years 2025 and 2030.

Year 2025 Goals

  1. Create a culture of volunteerism to meet our growing demands for teachers and programs. One feature is to limit commitments to one quarter at a time, rather than open-ended terms.
  2. Build a vibrant community outreach program.
  3. Build a strong outreach to Young Adults. Reach out to the college age group, and focus on encouraging and strengthening the commitment of our graduating classes.
  4. Grow our Sunday morning worship back above the 300 average mark by stressing the importance on in-person attendance. Reintroduce attendance records.

Year 2030 Goals

  1. Have a strong, sustained college aged advocacy program. Hire a young adult minister.
  2. Build on our current mission program with special emphasis on the congregation in Costa Rica.
  3. Offer marital and personal counseling through a trained staff minister, or by partnering with a local Christian Counseling Service.
  4. Increase attendance to 450+.
  5. Build new classrooms along the north side of the multi-use building per original plans.