Re:Direction Young Adult Forum

“How must I live in order to become the person Christ wants me to become?” This question should occupy regular space in the mind of every Christian. It is especially important that the next generation of Christians are growing into leaders whose hearts are deeply rooted in the love of God, and whose character mirrors that of Christ. This growth only comes from an intentionally lived relationship with God. Specifically for this reason, Dr. David Srygley of Arlington Heights Church of Christ and Dr. Mark Adams of Kings Crossing Church of Christ have collaborated on a spiritual growth workshop especially for Millennials and college students.

The event will be March 3, 2018. Registration opens at 12pm, and the sessions, activities, and breakout groups will run from 1:00pm to 8:00pmDinner will be included

Additionally, all participants will receive a free copy of Srygley’s book, From Cloisters to Cubicles: Spiritual Disciplines for the Not-So-Monastic Life.