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“Turn and Return: The Minor Prophets”

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Series Dates: Fall 2020

This class series covers twelve Old Testament books beginning in Hosea and going through Malachi. Often these are called the Minor Prophets, or traditionally, The Book of the Twelve since they occupied a single scroll. This was a transitional and difficult time for the people of God, yet they were called on to be God's faithful presence, nonetheless. Through cycles of sinning and punishment, but also restoration, God never stopped pursuing his people.


Haggai: The Question of Priorities

Dec 3, 2020 Dr. Mark Adams

Zephaniah: What’s Worth Preserving?

Nov 19, 2020 Dr. Mark Adams

Habakkuk: The Complexity of True Justice

Nov 13, 2020 Dr. Mark Adams

Nahum: The Fullness of Time and the Justice of God

Nov 5, 2020 Dr. Mark Adams

Micah: Obstacles to Being Upright

Oct 28, 2020 Dr. Mark Adams

Jonah: God’s Amazing Mercy

Oct 15, 2020 Dr. Mark Adams

Lifestyles of the Rich and Amos

Sep 30, 2020 Dr. Mark Adams

Obadiah: The Problem with Misplaced Confidence

Sep 30, 2020 Dr. Mark Adams

Joel: A God Who Punishes and Promises

Sep 17, 2020 Dr. Mark Adams

Hosea: God’s Troubled Marriage

Sep 10, 2020 Dr. Mark Adams

Introduction to the Minor Prophets

Sep 2, 2020 Dr. Mark Adams Zechariah 7:8-8:3

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