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“Ten Languages for a Better Life”

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Series Dates: Spring 2021

If actions speak louder than words, what we do says even more than what we say. How would we grow in our relationships if we learned to “speak the same language” as those around us? What would happen if we showed our loved ones how much we care in the ways that are most meaningful for them? Dr. Kevin Burr will teach the Faithbuilders class drawing from Gary Chapman’s widely respected works on the “languages” we use to show others love and to say we’re sorry.


Receiving Gifts

May 9, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr

Quality Time

May 2, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr

Words of Affirmation

Apr 25, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr John 15:1-17


Apr 18, 2021 Dr. Kevin Burr

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