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“Jonah: God's Mysterious Mercy”

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How could God preserve the lives of a people who have their targets set on the very people God has promised to protect? This was Jonah's dilemma about the people of Nineveh. They were cruel, violent, oppressive--but mysteriously not outside of the scope of God's mercy. Through a mission he never wanted to accept, God invites Jonah to grow his understanding of God's heart. God's mercy is mysterious in the most wonderful possible way, always defying the limits we would try to place on it.


God’s Complex Passion

Nov 25, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Acts 26:17-18

Heart Storms

Nov 18, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Luke 18:9-14

Justice and Mercy

Nov 4, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Acts 2:37-41

Surprised by Grace

Oct 28, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Psalm 107:19-21

Surprised by Good

Oct 21, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Matthew 8:5-13

Running from God

Oct 14, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Genesis 3:6-10

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