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“God is Greater”

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Series Dates: Summer 2018

There are many paradoxes in Christianity. It is in our weakness that God's strength is most visible. It is in serving that we find freedom. It is in humbling ourselves that we find true greatness. This is a series about humility. God is greater than any other person, place, or thing to which we might give priority. God is greater than our ups and our downs, our highs and our lows. The more we give God greatness and priority in our lives, the more we find fulfillment and freedom to be ourselves authentically.


To Whom Honor Is Due

Sep 2, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Romans 12:9-13

What’s Worth Saying

Aug 26, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Colossians 3:5-10

Embracing Anonymity

Aug 19, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Hebrews 12:1-2

Keep Your Critique

Aug 12, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Luke 6:37-38

You Have What You Need

Aug 5, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams 1 Timothy 6:6-10

Nothing to Hide

Jul 29, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams James 5:16

When Life Gives You Trouble

Jul 22, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Genesis 50:17-21

An Upgrade in Purpose

Jul 15, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams John 6:35-40

With God in Mind

Jul 8, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Exodus 20:1-7

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