Sermon Series / December 2018

“Glimpses of the Savior”

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Series Dates: December 2018

Who is Jesus...really? What is the significance of his life for my life? In this series, we look at Jesus through several different lenses. He is Lord, he's our Savior, he's the Lamb of God. This series draws especially on the power of Christian artwork to help us conceive of the significance of many parts of Jesus' life.


The Word of God

Dec 30, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams John 1:1-5

The Son of God

Dec 23, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Luke 2:13-15

Our Teacher and Example

Dec 16, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Luke 6:39-40

The Lamb of God

Dec 9, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams 1 Corinthians 5:6-8

Glimpses of the Savior

Dec 2, 2018 Dr. Mark Adams Revelation 1:12-18

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