Today we review what we talked about in the month of April, and then we discuss how giving true expression to our sadness allows us to honor the people and relationships we have lost. God, too, grieves when humanity’s thoughts are constantly on evil, or when the newly-freed Israelites rebel time and again in the wilderness, or when Jesus sees Lazarus’s tomb. God’s grief at the (self-)destruction of humanity shows us how much He truly values us.


In today’s class we talk about the feeling of loneliness. Sometimes our loneliness can let us know something isn’t right and maybe we crave relationships and connections we don’t have or have been avoiding. By listening to our loneliness we can grow in knowing ourselves, others, and God.


Today we discuss Hurt, the experience of emotional and spiritual pain. Not dealing with our pain can lead us into denial, masking our pain with self-destructive behaviors, and resentment. We can begin healing from Hurt when we acknowledge our pain to ourself, ask for help, take responsibility for our feelings through the healing process, and trust and hope God will heal us. 

Why You Are Valuable

In today’s class we look at why we are inherently valuable: God made us in His image to be His representatives on earth. We are also made to need relationships: this is not a sign of weakness but an acknowledgement who we are created to be.

Deep Calls to Deep Introduction

In this first class of our series “Deep Calls to Deep: Spiritual Health for Men,” we discuss the psalms of King David help give us language for communicating our emotions to God, to ourselves, and to each other.

New Vision Review

In today’s class we review the major points we’ve covered over the last three months. In summary: Although humans were created in God’s image to work with Him to rule creation together, we squandered that privilege and rebelled against God. Through baptism into Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection, the indwelling Holy Spirit empowers us to fulfill Jesus’s ministry of bringing the world back under God’s reign and rule.

Why worship?

In today’s class, Dr. Kevin Burr talks about how music and worship helps us more fully love God with all our heart and soul.

This class recording is short than most other classes because Kevin used video clips in class which, for copyright reasons, cannot be included in the class audio recording. You can find the clips on YouTube at the following links:

The Bridge of Khazad Dum:

The Omen:

“Ode to Joy” Flash Mob:

The Christian Worldview

Today we discuss the biblical worldview, including how Jesus saw His ministry as an entrance into enemy-occupied territory to take back creation for God’s kingdom.

Why the Lord’s Supper?

In today’s class we look at how the Lord’s Supper is a powerful, continual affirmation of our new identity in Christ and how Jesus meets us during this meal.

Why Baptism?

In today’s lesson we look at the pattern of salvation and deliverance through water from Genesis through the Old Testament to Jesus and the New Testament.