We are all greatly concerned about COVID-19 and the way people around us can be affected by the Coronavirus. Below we will continually post updates from our elders about the status of things at Kings Crossing in response to the situation, as well as to the recommendations from our local authorities.

We will continue to keep listed here all updates so that you can see the current information as well as browse previous communication related to COVID-19.

From Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Nueces County 39 cases of CoronaVirus.

That’s the headlines the news organizations want you to hear and concentrate on. (almost to the detriment of everything else)  We don’t want to minimize the severity of this virus in any way, and we urge you to follow all the guidelines that have been set forth  There are other things that we should focus on as well.

Our Current Point of View:

  1. We should expect that we will not be able to hold a service at the building until at least May.
  2. We should expect that more people in the Corpus area will be affected by this virus and it may touch each us personally in some way.
  3. We should expect no change in the current stay at home order until May 1.

Our Responses to date:

  1. Worship Opportunity:  From 3 Sunday’s ago, we have committed to and continue to streamline and improve how we can worship together in some type of format.  Equipment and Internet speed capabilities prevent us from streaming from our building effectively.  (We will have to look closer at these capabilities in the future).  We had 582 different households watching last Sunday.
  2. Communion: Provided take home communion emblems.  (Next Sunday we’ll be having a clearly dedicated time for us to share communion together at the same time.)  If you need emblems, come by the office on Tues-Thurs during normal business hours.  Or, pick up bulk supplies at HEB.  Or, if you want a recipe to bake your own bread, we have that available.  If you can’t do any of these things and need emblems, let us know and we’ll get them to you.
  3. Monitoring: From the initial start of this situation, daily changes has been the norm.  The elders met immediately and had worked out a couple plans, only the next day, because of situation changes, were no longer able to do those plans.  So, monitoring, while not normally an action, has been very important.  We’ve been somewhat stable now for a few days and expect it to stay that way, however, as we’ve had to say in the past 3 weeks or so, “Subject to Change”.
  4. Staff changes: We are not anticipating changes to our staff’s compensation for employment status during this period.  We know their workload has demanded more of their time and effort in coordinating and managing their ministry from home.
  5. Assistance: We have a team that regularly checks on members that may need assistance or attention. If you have someone that you think needs to be checked on let Ron Cardwell know.
  6. Resources:  Ability to streamline different supporting methods is vital.  We all recognize that the needs of the church continue whether we physically meet at the building or not.  Some expenses go up, some go down, but the majority continue; ministry expenses, building needs, staffing and ministers.  So, we need to make this easier to do.  As of now, we have a few ways: 1) by mail, 2) drop off check, or 3) click at online.  Going forward, we see this as a challenge to make this easier and simpler for all.

Looking Forward:

  1. We all need ways to focus on the things we should focus on, and by doing so, we will not only endure, but, we will be better:

II Corinthians 4:  So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.  Our God is great and is able to do more than we can imagine.

  1. Ministries, plans, teams, have all been affected, but, they must and will carry on. Our building construction is moving forward, the spiritual foundation was laid a couple years ago, and the physical foundation is in now.  We look forward to a great opening event.  We have a team leader in place to begin the process of building a team to plan that event.  If you’d like to be a part of this let us know.
  2. Pray that God’s hand will be seen in the things we do.

Final comments:  Not a lot of changes in our overall situation regarding the virus since last week’s letter, so this week, the concentration was a little different.  The previous letters talked about tips to protect yourself, and encouragement to look for others in need.  Those things have not changed and still need your attention.  Add your prayer list the healthcare workers that are facing these issues on the front line, one of which is Joy Poynter’s granddaughter who’s assigned to the Coronavirus floor in a hospital in Houston.

May God keep you safe!  May we see God’s hand in our lives!  And, may God help us win the inward battle of weighing the balance between the positive and negative.

From Thursday afternoon march 26, 2020

Greetings to the church scattered throughout the Corpus Christi Area:

Your Elders pray for you daily, asking God the Father to protect and encourage you and to provide all you need for life and living, spiritually and physically. Circumstances change so quickly with this COVID 19 virus that we are evaluating our needs and programs constantly. Our intent is to keep our members connected, leaning on Jesus and fellow Christians to be the “church” in its fullest meaning.

At this time we continue to cancel all services and classes at the building until conditions change, and we encourage everyone to follow the spirit of the “Stay at Home” order issued Wednesday by local authorities (read the order here: Please plan to have communion in the safety of your homes. We have the opportunity to take the emblems together by gathering for the online services of Kings Crossing Church of Christ each Sunday morning at 10:30.   Les did a wonderful job with the devo last week, and Mark will take over this Sunday. If you were unable to pick up communion kits please notify us and we will make every effort to get you some.

What about small group meetings in homes?  The Stay at Home order does not specifically approve that kind of gathering. It allows for family units or living units to gather, but also says all other public and private gatherings of any size are banned. The reference it makes to gatherings of no more than 10 people is related to businesses designated “essential”.  Probably best not to schedule small groups in your home.

Meanwhile, there is a LOT going on in the background in our family: Let’s start with some good news about our new multi-use building from co-chairman Craig Wall:

Building Update:

The electrical and plumbing work required before the foundation can be poured has been completed.  The foundation is expected to be poured Thursday, March 26th.  The contractor is estimating the building material for the metal building (the gym) to be delivered by mid-April.  Once the material is on-site, it is expected that framing the building will take 3-4 weeks.  Once the framing is complete, roofing and interior walls will begin to go up.  The contractor does not expect any delays due to the coronavirus pandemic and is planning to be finished with the building by the end of September.

Thanks, Craig

Minister Projects

Justin, Krystal, Les, and other ministry leaders are busy keeping folks in their areas busy working in the kingdom and staying active, informed and connected. Hopefully you have seen one of Justin’s lighthearted and encouraging video messages about spiritual topics to help us get through this time. See the chart below for a review of what folks are doing.

We are putting a lot of effort into polishing and upgrading our online worship efforts. Mark had a great live lesson on Facebook Wednesday night that drew several dozen viewers participating in the discussion in real-time. Mark Adams and Blake Kemmis are producing a Sunday worship time which you will be able to access through our website at, Facebook or YouTube.

Every one of you can be furthering our efforts on your own by simply picking up the phone and calling fellow members, neighbors and friends to tell them you are praying for them and offering to help them in any way.

We’ll close with an update from Brother Jack North regarding our financial situation:

Budget Info

Our 2019 – 2020 budget year will end on March 31.  This fiscal year will, unfortunately, end short of making budget.  Next year’s budget will require more funding with the addition of our new facility, plans for new programs, maintenance, repair and upkeep of our aging building and equipment.  Each of us as members of this church family needs to prayerfully commit to regularly contributing to your church’s budget in order to continue maintaining the financial health of Kings Crossing and assuring business as usual without financial issues restricting, or worse, preventing God’s work.  Please get your contributions to us by mail, dropping it by the office or online through our website.

May God’s grace and mercy be a blessing to you through our Lord Jesus Christ as we await deliverance from this worrisome time.

Your Elders

From Thursday morning march 26, 2020

Because the “stay at home” order limiting travel outside your home
takes effect tonight at midnight, if you need the single-serve
individual communion packets you will need to come by the church TODAY
to get them. We will pass them out between 2-3 p.m. by the office
entrance to the church. There will be no distribution Saturday or
Sunday as there was last week, so if you need them come by today.


The Elders

From March 20, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ at Kings Crossing:

The speed of developments relating to the Covid19 illness, or Corona Virus, has been staggering, and has caused everyone, including your Elders, to adapt quickly.  We can’t meet together at the building, but church and worship mean so much more than just the Sunday morning assembly. Remember the first of the core values of our congregation: We want to be a church that stays focused on Jesus. Doing all things in Christ and for Christ keeps us united on the right foundation. Colossians 1:17-18.  The church is about modeling the life of Christ for the world to see, encouraging and ministering to one another and to those we have opportunity to touch as we give all glory and honor to God our Father.

Among the things we are doing is a special effort to stay in close contact with those of our number that are the most vulnerable. Already a team of 6 families has been assembled and begun calling these folks. We will try to meet as many needs as we can, and it is possible we could call on you from time to time to assist. We hope you will be willing and able. If you have anyone about whose well being you are concerned contact Ron Cardwell.

In like fashion, we encourage you to get on the phone and call other members to let them know you’re thinking of them and value their fellowship. We have already heard of one couple planning worship in their home and inviting at least one elderly member along with others. It will take self initiative like this to keep us all close during this time of physical separation. If you would like to form a small group of 10 or so and utilize the building to meet at your convenience, we can make that happen. Check with the church office Tuesday through Thursday for availability.  One great idea is to take this time to personally contact other members that you don’t know, introduce yourself and take it from there – ask them to lunch at your home, or simply pray with them. The spirit will guide you! To the extent that it is possible we will support groups and outreach efforts with materials and other things you might need.

We are planning to make devos and services available online, on our website, on facebook and any other platforms available to us. Our first effort will be a short devo this Sunday morning on our website, and on our Facebook page. We will have prayer, a short lesson and offer communion prayers as well. Look for a link under worship. This first attempt will be simple but by next week we hope to have a more polished product out there. Other ideas we are working toward include posting daily scripture readings and other devotional messages to encourage and console.

After consideration, we think the safest route to go regarding weekly communion is for you and your family to have the emblems at your home and partake together there. We can provide communion packets for your use. We will be handing them out to those that want the packets Saturday between 1-1:30 p.m. and again Sunday morning 9-9:30 a.m.  If you are home bound or unable to come to the building and would like us to deliver some packets to you call Ron Cardwell. We will not be serving communion at the covered drive-through as we did last week.

 It’s a good bet that none of us ever imagined a crisis in America to match what we are seeing today. But our advantage is that we KNOW God is on His throne, and that he watches over us with love and mercy. Keep the faith, model Christ in your life, and tell others about the hope that lies within you in Him.  Your input is always welcome and prayers cherished.

The Elders

From March 19, 2020

Since the cancelling of services last Sunday, the elders have been following the coronavirus crisis as it continues to spread threatening the health and wellbeing of us all. In a short period of time this virus’s initial presence in six or so states is now affecting all 50 states.  As reported by the governmental agencies Center for Disease Control & Health and Human Services, as well as the medical community, there is no pharmaceutical intervention available that can stop the spread of this virus.  The only preventive method available to stem the spread is to practice the six steps recommended by the CDC, mainly avoiding crowds.

The elders met Tuesday night and discussed our decision last Saturday to cancel Sunday’s assembly, and believe it was the right decision in light of all the unknowns mainly lack of a means to control the spread of this virus, other than to avoid large gatherings.  We are going to continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC and medical community to avoid all gatherings of 10 or more. We will not have services this Sunday nor until further notice.  The elders will be monitoring this situation, as we all should, and be providing information weekly via email, Facebook and KCCC website.  The office will remain open Tuesday through Thursdays, please conduct normal business by phone, unless absolutely necessary to deliver or pick up something important.  The office will have no more information than will be available on social media.  There will be a more detailed letter coming soon outlining plans for our church family to stay connected and member’s special needs taken care of during this crisis.

KCCC is going to continue to be a church, our operational expenses and support for ministries won’t stop.  Our contributions are the main source for funding KCCC financial needs.  Please send your contribution by mail, online by three options (“how to” instructions on KCCC website), or drop off at the office.

The elders want to assure you we are as anxious as you to be able to return to our regular worship and daily routines.  We are actively working on ways to minister to our church during this crisis.  Pray for these efforts, those sick with this virus, family and friends, for our nation and our church family.

God Bless,

The Elders